the origins of easter

The Origins of Easter: What The Church Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Today is Easter Sunday and Christians all over the globe are celebrating the death and resurrection of their Savior, Jesus Christ. They are celebrating the triumph of good over evil.  However, what most Christians may not not realize is that this celebration is not exclusive to christianity.  In fact, it dates back to ancient Babylon…

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What? What? A Star In A Jar?

Okay…this is like one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while and I had to share it with you! Scientists have been able to generate Light from Sound Waves!   It’s absolutely amazing! It’s known as Sonoluminescence.  What the heck is that, you ask? Sonoluminescence is a little-understood phenomenon whereby light is emitted…

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The Ying and Yang of Fear: Overcoming The 7 Fears Of Life.

People ask me all the time, “Hiram, if I wanted to truly Master My Life, what would I need to do?” I get this question so often, that I have decided to write a blog post about it. Here’s the deal, there are only seven areas of life we are here to master. Here they…

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Do Rituals Make A Difference In Our Life? According To Scientific American They Do!

I’ve been making The Secret Ritual part of my daily life for the last 7 years and it’s worked wonders in my life. So much so, that “outsiders looking in”, might say that I’m one of the luckiest guys on the planet. If I’ve learned anything at all from this secret ritual, it’s that rituals…

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Sometimes Struggles Are Exactly What We Need In Our Life

Earlier today I was prepping for my morning ritual and said a little prayer asking the Grand Artificer of the Universe to please provide me with a lesson I could relay to my peeps here at The Secret Ritual. Later on, after I finished my ritual, I logged into my facebook and found this image…

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The 7 Universal Laws: The Law of Mentalism

I’m sure you are familiar with the hit movie, “The Secret”,  This hit movie (released March 26, 2006) made the Law of Attraction popular in mainstream. Most of modern society that is familiar with the Law of Attraction fails to realize there are 7 Universal Laws and that the Law of Attraction is simply the…

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